Yamaha Mio 115Z độ mang vẻ đẹp huyền thoại được tái hiện ở dàn chân

Yamaha Mio 115Z is a mid-size scooter that has been around for a long time in the Thai market, recently its owner has made an impressive makeover with simple beauty emphasized in the legs through a few ornamental toys. , let’s see the details below!

The Yamaha Mio 115Z has a legendary beauty that is reproduced in the legs.

Yamaha Mio 115Z due to having a beautiful phone has been brought to the world - 2
The design of the Z version is said to be similar to the Ultimo version assembled in Vietnam, especially the front end. If you look directly between these two models, you will notice the similarity in the air intakes located at the top and the two small air intakes located symmetrically on both sides of the front apron. This design helps the car become sportier and more aerodynamic when the air flowing through these intakes will cool the engine. The separate V-shaped headlight cluster has the ability to illuminate farther and stronger to help improve night vision.

Yamaha Mio 115Z due to wearing a phone case that was brought to the world - 3
The location of the storage compartment is covered with extremely beautiful Carbon Fiber.

Yamaha Mio 115Z due to wearing a phone that was used by the owner - 4
The fragile legs with cast wheels are replaced by extremely eye-catching aluminum spokes, playing with 17-inch spokes instead of 14-inch zin wheels will help the car get taller & the weight of the car also reduces significantly for acceleration. faster. The brake system is strongly upgraded with a toy disc combined with a symmetrical Brembo 2 pis pig with a large logo through the support of CNC aluminum pas running the machine for extremely high accuracy.

Yamaha Mio 115Z due to wearing a phone case that was brought to the world - 5
Showa shock absorber system comes with an oil tank, this is a popular toy fork model in Thailand, it responds well to reasonable bounce in all terrains, bringing a sturdy beauty to the car because of the red color in the furnace. Fork springs & fork tyres are much larger in size than zin.

Yamaha Mio 115Z due to having a beautiful phone was used by the owner - 6
It is not necessary to equip many toys on the car to be classy, ​​just that simple has left a lot of emotions for viewers. Mio 115Z engine is 4-stroke, single-cylinder, 2-valve air-cooled with a capacity of 113.7cc with a compression ratio of 8.8:1, producing a maximum capacity of 7.7 horsepower at 8,000 rpm. minutes and maximum torque of 7.50 Nm at 6,500 rpm. ​

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